In Texas Hold’em Poker or Texas Hold’em Poker Alternative, there is one of most important skill to play the game is “Read”, it is about to read all related information in the situation correctly, and based on the information that you read, you make your choice for next action.  And in some cases you have…

The Bond.結合

White Queen formed an emotional bond with Flynn who reborn as carbon based life form at the 6th time on Planet R.
白后在 Flynn 於 R 行星上第六次轉生為碳生物形態時,對於 Flynn 形成了一種情感結合的強烈意向

Languages in Linxu.鄰虛的語言

This is a post to depict the Chinese/English language issue in Linxu Blog and provide more information to “About Linxu” because there are two major language in Linxu, English and Chinese.

Connected Links and Disconnected Link.接通的環節與斷裂的環節

I am writing this post to mark the moment that I think the basic structure of Hybrid Theory is completed, almost all links between concepts are connected, for this part, I’m cool with it. While at the same time, this is one cruel day for my family relationship development.

Metaphysics Wars – SX.形上學戰爭 – SX

“SX aims to untie the node of metaphysics caused by different belief systems among different realms. The effects of the said node of metaphysics including but not limited to fighting, wars, wars of religions.”
SX 目標設定為解開各種不同領域中的不同信仰系統所導致的形上學的觀念糾結,所謂觀念糾結的效應包括但是不限定於衝突、戰爭、宗教戰爭。

Death of Souls.靈魂之死

There is an artistic expression from The Red Hood states their conception about death of souls, it is about the death of courage to make right choices in difficult situations.

Entire Human Race Are All Cyborg.全人類都是生化人

There is an hypothetical and artistic express from The Red Hood, based on the definition of Cyborg in Wikipedia that a cyborg is a being with both organic and biomechatronic parts, entire human race are all cyborg.
來自紅隊的一個假設的藝術性表述,根據維基百科對於生化人的意義 – 一個生化人就是一個擁有有機體器官和生物機電工程器官的生物,全人類都是生化人。

An Argument.爭議

There could be an argument around some realm about if my wound was an accident during some kind of wrong moves, or it happened because of some pure bad wills

Anger Management Chronicles.抓狂管訓班事紀

Anger management has a whole lot different meaning in different levels.  The manipulation of the force of anger had been becoming an issue of CLU.  Ones really shouldn’t be have to #FeelingNuts to take actions. 憤怒管理在不同層次有完全不同的意義。對於憤怒的操縱在 CLU 課題下成為一個議題。人們不應該在摸蛋挑戰(#FeelingNuts)的狀況下才採取行動。

What Does Simon Says?.西門說了什麼?

My interpretation about “What does Simon Says?” for the time being is that some messages of phenomenology arose from Simulations On all kind of environmental disasters. Simon is an eELF portmanteau word of Simulation On.