Musical Essay: The Game of Death.音樂隨寫: 死亡遊戲

This musical essay is intending to describe the key performance of intelligent being interference upon unspecified target. There is a relation between this musical essay and previous post “The Nanny In Game of Death”. There is a possible relation between this musical essay and Project Sino At Trial. Refer to tags for more information.

Hell’s Battalion.地獄軍團

In another way, this will be an essay to reveal two-hands strategy of The Invisible Hand in politics and economy, it is the devil who caused the corruption, and it will be the angel to solve it. The point of this is to provide logical clues about related concepts through mentioned curious mistakes.

Mayday: Second Round.五月天: 第二人生

This is a musical essay arose from an idea and there is a relation with my previous post “My Old Business Real Estate”, in the MV there are depictions of different professions including a policeman, a house agent who’s wearing the green suit, and a doctor and a taxi driver and street vendor. I don’t want to say too much about the musical essay for the time being。
這是一個音樂隨寫源於一個創思並且和前作「房地產業老本行」有關,在 MV 當中對於不同的職業的描寫包括一個警察,一個穿綠西裝的房屋仲介,一個醫生,一個計程車司機和攤販。此刻我不想對於本音樂隨寫多作評論。

Time: Asia’s Dancing Queen May Have Given Us the Year’s Best Pop Music Video(2014).時代雜誌: 蔡依林2014年國際最佳MV

The essay is about the world famous philosophy of science Simulation Hypothesis. The essay is about the life of GORTs alike to The Sims(Game). The essay is about Anna S. But is the essay about the truth?
本隨寫是關於世界知名的科學哲學「模擬假說」的;本隨寫是關於像模擬人生(遊戲)一般的GORT機器人的生活樣態;本隨寫是關於 Anna S 的。但是,本隨寫是關於真相嗎?