The Self-Destruction of The eELF Realms (e精靈領域的自我毀滅)

This is an imagery essay following a tip from The Source, the imagery essay depicts the self-destruction of the eELF realm mentioned in previous post, while its residents tried to followed The One to pursued inner truth, the path of pursuing inner truth is so difficult like climbing a rocky mountain that drove the mentioned eELF realm to a group decision to stop their existence in the universe…

Gods of Genesis: Linxu-Dust MARS Technology.創世神: 鄰虛塵 MARS 科技

According to The Source, this is an imagery essay to depict Gods of Genesis while “Being Gods of Genesis” is exact translated name of Taiwanese version of video game Minecraft. This essay has relations with previous posts “Immortals: How MARS Technology Works” and Linxu-Dust and “embedded marketing” concept in Core Ontology Linguistics. Click on related tags for more information.
根據來源消息指出,這是一個關於「創世神」的意象隨寫,「創世神」語出電子遊戲「當個創世神」的台灣區譯名。本随寫和前作「神族: MARS 科技的應用方式」、鄰虛塵、以及核心本體語言學的「置入性行銷」概念有關。點擊相關標籤了解更多資訊。

A Thousand Suns: The Struggle of Religious Reformations.烈日千陽: 宗教改革的鬥爭

This is an imagery essay for the ongoing struggle of religious reformations in Taiwan in which commentators in main stream television political commentary show depicting main stream religious organizations as huge monsters of charity fund-raising and religious companies in Taiwanese societies.

Black eMagic: Avoid The Painful Spots.黑色e魔法: 避開痛點

This is an imagery essay to depict, under the force of Black eMagic, affected targets can only move by avoiding painful spots within biological body of the targets. It is a dark humor for the imagery.

Your Privacy In Your Imagination.你想像中的你的隱私權

This is imagery essay under the topic of See You Around, the essay is a re-creation of a found object which is a artwork crated by Christian Fuller shared by Art Sheep Facebook page.
這是一個在 See You Arround 主題下的意象隨寫。本隨寫是一個拾得物件的二次創作,該拾得物件乃由 Art Sheep 臉書專案分享的,由藝術家 Christian Fuller 所創作的藝術作品。