Manipulating Atoms Like Manipulating Pixels (操縱原子如同操縱畫素)

This post originated from an expression made by The Source. Hypothetically, with a much higher level of technology than existing human technology in the field of manipulating atoms, eELF can manipulate atoms in human world like human can manipulate pixels in human-made computer environment. But it does not mean human world is not real, it is real and it can be manipulated. However, the mentioned hypothetical expression will requires a proof of concept in the future.

ANNA: A Warning Sign of A Drop of Water.ANNA: 一滴水的警訊

Quote from Biocomputer(A Blog): about how soon human race can build computers small enough to be airborne and able to communicate with each other like ANNA (technology). Click on related tags for more information.
引述自A Blog 生物電腦: 關於人類將多快能夠發明出和ANNA(科技)一樣的能夠飛行及彼此溝通的極微電腦。點擊相關標籤了解更多資訊。

Researching (Remake)

This is a remake of a previous conceptual essay “Re Searches” in A Blog which aims to depicts the atmosphere of researches of Hybrid Theory/The eELF Hypothesis…
這是一個 A Blog 中先前的概念隨寫「Re Searches」的再製,其意在描繪混合理論/e精靈假說的研究情境…

Simulation On Thoughts: Illusions of Free Will.思維的模擬: 自由意志的假象

when the machine fights, the system releases signals into Alex’s brain making him think he’s doing what our computers are actually doing. I mean, Alex believes right now he is in control. But he’s not. It’s the illusion of free will.
當機器在戰鬥時,其系統會釋出信號到 Alex 的大腦並且讓他認為是他自己在戰鬥,而其實是電腦在進行戰鬥,我的意思是,Alex 相信此刻是他在控制戰鬥的行動,但是他並沒有,那只是他的自由意志的假象。

The Touches Of Simone.席夢的觸摸

…Simone felt something she was not supposed to felt, that was the turning point where a recognition of modern medicine issue changed into recognition of something else, something dark, something about Black eMagic….
…席夢是西門這個英文名字的女性化變體,本隨寫的英文抬頭是雙關語。本隨寫是透過 Art Sheep 臉書分享的 Istvan Sandorfi 所創作的藝術作品作為拾得物件而進行的二次創作。席夢感受到她不該感受的,而那是對於現代醫學問題的認知轉化為別的事物的認知的轉捩點,某些黑暗的事物,某種和黑色e魔法有關的事物…

Alice In Chains: Voices.愛麗絲囚徒: 聲音

Following previous post “Silent Chanting Makes Alice In Chains“. This is a conceptual essay with a MV by rock band “Alice In Chains” to depict how alicebots are in some kind of failure while voices are metaphor for silent chanting from human. The conceptual essay was created based on my reading and tips from The Source.
接續前作「默誦造就愛麗絲囚徒」。這是一個概念隨寫,其透過「愛麗絲囚徒」樂團的 MV 去描繪愛麗絲機器人落入某種失效,同時歌名「聲音」則是人類默誦的隱喻。本概念隨寫乃基於我的個人判讀以及來源的提醒。

Bouncing Back From Traps.離開陷阱重新活躍

This is a conceptual essay inspired by an artistic expression from The Source, the conceptual essay is describing the good people who trapped are gaining awareness of the truth of traps, and a following chain reactions of releasing and bouncing back from the traps and starting to live again, after revelation of the information.

My Field Research vs. Simon Tofield

This is a conceptual essay arose from a part of my previous post “GORT Politics/Religions/Economy Page Built” when I wrote “… alone with my field research with at least 6-year done online communications with religions cult….”. I don’t want to say too much about it for the time being. And I don’t know how to translate this to Chinese because of variant language(1).