Red Queen: Elena Relation In Taiwan.紅后: 台灣的艾琳娜關聯

Following previous post “Red Queen – Naked: Decipher Secret Cryptogram”, this is a conceptual analysis to represent the relation of pop elements between Red Queen and curtain Taiwanese female in Pilot Project OO3. It could be reckoned as a sort of ontology language used by Red Queen.
隨著前作「紅后 – 赤裸: 解開密碼」之後,這是一個關於紅后與 Pilot Project OO3 中的特定台灣女性之間的流行文化元素的關聯性再現的概念分析。這可以視為紅后所使用的一種本體語言。

Beanstalk Symbolize Neural System.豆莖象徵神經系統

the conceptual analysis was made by means of visual discovering, symbolic data analysis, anatomically symbolic analysis, breadcrumb trail (navigation) and anatomical analysis. Click related tags for more information.
相關的概念分析的進行手段包括視覺開發、象徵資料分析、解剖學象徵分析以及麵包屑路徑 (導航)。點擊相關標籤了解更多資訊。

Sleepless Simon.失眠的西門

This is a depiction for the means of sleeping interference through simulation on targets by certain intelligent beings, in a extreme case, all the means can happen in turn or same time during hours/one night.

ANA-log – 2

Right after I posted the post “First Clown-Concept: ANA-Log (第一個小丑概念: ANA-Log )” and after a few tag management, I saw something in the ANA-log tag, it is like saying that “You can laugh on ‘Clown-Concept’, but you might choose not to when you see the ANA-log tag in Linxu“.  OK, that is more than just…

Rename: Untie The Node PPM .更名: 解結專案組合管理

A long process of conceptual analysis and elements analysis of above pop art through connect the online dots for/before renaming of the “The Node PPM” (Project Portfolio Management) into “Unite The Node PPM”.