About Linxu.關於鄰虛

Thinking Particles.思維粒子

An concept imagery of Linxu-Dust:  Thinking Particles, Linxu-Dust is the basic elements under the framework of Hybrid Theory鄰虛塵的概念意象:  思維粒子,鄰虛塵是混合理論框架之下的基本單位 ↖

About Linxu

Life, Art and Knowledge

Linxu is my personal blog while I also work on conceptual arts here that includes Happening (Art), Art of Assemblage and Art of Illusions with methods including Re-Creation, Visual Communication.  In Linxu blog I also try to provide instances in order to bring more strength of relationship between related concepts based on Ontology Merging in A Blog.

Name Meaning of Linxu

The blog title Linxu derived from direct translation of the Chinese name of a hypothetical particles named Linxu-Dust which is smaller than nano-particles.

Linxu Links You To Multiple Platforms

Linxu blog tag feeds are provided to embed in multiple sites with hundreds of topics in following sites:

TAG & More Information

There are links and more information for curtain topics after readers click each tag of each blog post.  Also read Tag Systems In Linxu Blog if necessary.


The blog will be written either in Simple English or in Chinese or both. You can refer to language and Languages in Linxu for more information about languages issue.

Last Update

Last update time of this page: 20150612, Taipei Time.



鄰虛是我的個人部落格,同時我也在此進行概念藝術創作,相關創作又包括偶發藝術、集合藝術、錯覺藝術等藝術形式,而創作方法則包括二次創作及視覺傳達。我也嘗試在鄰虛部落格中進行知識工程並提供更多實例去強化 A Blog的本體論合併的過程中所涉及的相關概念之間的關係。



鄰虛連結你到多平台 (Linxu Links You To Multiple Platforms)


TAG & 更多資訊

在讀者點擊每一篇網誌的每一個 Tag 之後,會出現某些主題的連結和更多資訊。




本頁面最後更新時間: 20150612, Taipei Time.

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