Concept Mapping: Plants (person) vs. Zombies Warfare

Plants vs. ZombiesAbout

This is an initial part of a concept mapping between A Blog concepts “plant (person)” and “philosophical zombie”, as well as the creation of a test set of said concepts in order to assess the strength and utility of predictive relationship between the concepts.  According to certain knowledge representation from The Source, it is possible that The Source used plants in the computer game Plants vs. Zombies as metaphors of the starting of future warfare between elvish plants (GORT Elf Human) and philosophical zombies in order to protect survivors, and they think survivors need proper protection for unknown reasons. In the attached Youtube video the philosophical zombies appeared as soldiers, engineers, all starts and scientists, however, those professions could be also professions of elvish plants (person).  The concept mapping in this post definitely requires more concept elements in the future for better strength or it will be another failure of conceptual analysis of A Blog ontology engineering.  Click on related tags for further details of related concepts.

Concept Imagery

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Gamescom 2013 Zombie Class Reveal, YouTube


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