Fostering Creativity Through Twitter

Fostering Creativity

I’m trying to create a new way for future creative process through Twitter application, this blog was made to be a part of future creative process, I will add the link of this post as an initial part of each creative process through Twitter.  Alone with a few words about what I am doing now and what will I do in the future, there are a few concept blending in this blog is necessary to provide a better background information for future creative process. Fostering creativity is a concept that I learned in Creativity/Wikipedia.

Free Writing

Free writing is a major part when I foster creativity through Twitter application, as it stated in Wikipedia “Some writers use the technique to collect initial thoughts and ideas on a topic, often as a preliminary to formal writing”.

Twitter Hashtag and Improvisation

During the free writing of each time, I shall utilize Twitter hashtag to create a possibility to explore more information and elements shared by other Twitter users.  However, it is possible that elvish Twitter users might participate related creative process with their improvisation-knowledge representation and reasoning-through their surrogates.

Follow Up


#HomelessElvesFC, 20150606 ↘


2 thoughts on “Fostering Creativity Through Twitter

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