Superintelligence: Elon Musk’s Thought (C.A.)


This is an initial part of conceptual analysis of “Superintelligence:  Elon Musk’s Thought”. I need a place to list out related online data in order to process my work. The core concept is to assume “what if Elon Musk was right?” and an attempt to visualize the initial part of process of related conceptual analysis.The whole process is not completed yet, viewers could see nothing or anything in this post. (C.A.) standing for Conceptual Analysis.  The final goal is hoping to increase the strength of relations between concepts- such as superintelligence and related concepts listed in this page.

Concept Mapping

Below is a quick list for major elements.

Pinterest Board

Elon Musk’s Thought

Puss In Boots video game imagery


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