Less Chinese and More Academic Achievement in A Blog

Less Chinese

Lately I use much less Chinese wording in A Blog and probably in Linxu blog too, the reason I do so is that I think it is better not to let Chinese-only readers in Taiwan access the content of my works.  Chinese-only readers who does not read English part of my works will easily misunderstand my works, and since I am living in Taiwan where most inhabitants are potential Chinese-only readers of my works, I really don’t feel comfortable with that, so I decided to remove most Chinese description to every topics I had been working on in A Blog lately.  It is a pity, deep down inside, I really hope more people in Taiwan can understand my works and provide more feedback, but on the other hand, practically speaking, I got zero feedback from the world.  There are some comments made to Linxu, quiet a few, but none of them tried to discussed with me the whole picture of issues in A Blog, not to mention healthy debates, there are no debates at all.

Academic Achievement

I did not expect the works in A Blog will end up at where it is now, despite of some assumptions and hypotheses is hard to believe (But it is the way it is), the development in A Blog lately is quite academic Which allows me to use academic terms to define what I am doing in A Blog and they define it well. I did not expect this coming, before this, I kind of think that I am working in A Blog in some creative ways I invented.  Anyway, it is not bad to see some academic achievement in A Blog, it makes issues in A Blog more convincing, at least to some.  This is the second time I expressed similar feeling lately.  One more thing, I used more assumptions than ever during the works in A Blog, that provides me more freedom for concept mapping and bring out more ideas during the work process, more assumptions looks like one step back, but to me, it is about more freedom for working, not anything less.  I have more to say, but I will stop here for now.


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