LAN: Lancôme & LAN Universe


This is a memo of linguistics study of the word Lancôme, the name title of a world famous company.  This is basically an extending study of the concept LAN (Local Area Network) while I am working on its potential encoded knowledge, The closest result I got from the study of Lancôme is to bring out a meaning called LAN Universe which fits my assumption about encoded knowledge of LAN, it depict an inner universe built by Linxu-Dust.  The mentioned depiction fits my earlier profiling while I did not know the potential encoded knowledge of LAN.

Memos of Study

  • Lancôme/Wikipedia
    • wikipedia:  Founded in 1935 by Armand Petitjean in France, as originally an fragrance house. The name “Lancôme” was inspired by the ruins of a castle, Le Château de Lancosme, while the roses in the area inspired the company’s symbol of the single golden rose.
  • Meaning of name Côme
    • Etymology : French form of COSMAS
    • Origin : French
  • Cosmas or Kosmas is a Greek name and may refer to:
    • Meaning:  Greek: κόσμος ‘peace, order, universe etc.’
    • Region of origin:  East and South Europe
  • Saints Cosmas and Damian (In France)
    • Saint Côme-Saint Damien church, Luzarches, Val d’Oise, France
    • Saint Côme-Saint Damien church, Paris, France
    • Saint Côme-Saint Damien church, Chamboulive, France
    • Saint Côme-Saint Damien church, Serdinya, France

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