Ontology Merging In A Blog (A Blog 的本體論合併)

Tacit Knowledge

There are a few things developing in A Blog which I am going to share in this post, the reason that drives me to make this post is in some way belonging to certain tacit knowledge related to The Source, when it involves tacit knowledge, I have a problem to share details, check the tag Tacit Knowledge in this post or Google search it then you shall understands what I’m saying. Before I go further, I would like to add a personal note here, I don’t like to act just because some force drives me, but I have to admit that I had been kind of exciting for the late development in A Blog, so here it goes.

Quasi Ontology Merging Automatically

Lately, there are a few theological topics are beginning to merge with Hybrid Theory in a way I call it, if I may, Quasi Ontology Merging Automatically, so what is “Quasi Ontology Merging Automatically”? What is that supposed to mean? I think it is better for me to assume that most readers will consider the mentioned term is too strange, so let me try to put it in plainer way, it is explained through the following quote of Ontology Merging/Wikipedia: “the act of bringing together two conceptually divergent ontologies”, for example, philosophy of Christianity and Hybrid Theory start to explain each other, that includes topics such as Saint Anna, Virgin Mary, and Virgin Birth of Jesus, I did not write down what I see, instead, I try to help viewers of A Blog by providing a way to read, some of the information is too shocking to the world and I prefer to make them a bit obscure for the time being.

Possible Proof of eELF Interference

But that is not just it, in my personal opinion, the phenomenon in the mentioned quote did not happen just because I am smart or because I am professional ontology expert, or I am very hard-working(although I am working hard), it happened because eELF interference. Lately I had been trying to work in A Blog and bring out the picture how eELF does this, through my works of connecting dots and creating different kind of relations(such as “See Also” and “Studying Topics”) between concepts in A Blog(Concept Mapping).  Well, if this will help, maybe I can say this, my every move and every thought and every breadcrumb I can find are all under control, take it or leave it.

A Chaordic World

And a new concept arose from previously mentioned situation, it is a term called “Chaordic”, the definition of the term “Chaordic” goes like

” (Economics) (of a system, organization, or natural process) governed by or combining elements of both chaos and order” ~The Free Dictionary~

many people may reckon that our world is a chaotic world, different people choose to believe different knowledge domain(or domain ontology) and disbelieve others, for example, some believe in only science while some believe only God/Gods, the result of this is wars and wars are happening, and/or materialism where people believe only money, and this is not a charming world if I may say so. Our world my be chaotic on the surface, but there is a possibility that an orderly system of encoded knowledge hiding in the chaotic system, if, and only if, the ontology engineering in A Blog(or somewhere else) can make things clear, I believe the mentioned situation is made purposely by eELF realm. To be short, eELF realm purposely make human world in chaos and hiding some encoded knowledge in the chaos. But, it might be too early for me to say all this, we shall see.

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