Manipulating Atoms Like Manipulating Pixels (操縱原子如同操縱畫素)

Imagery Essay.意象隨寫 ▼


Matrix? by inSahne via

Imagery Essay ▼

 The Trailer Theater: Pixels(2010) – Patrick Jean  YouTube

Imagery Essay ▼

 Pixels(2015 film) – Official Trailer, YouTube

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This post originated from an expression made by The Source.  Hypothetically, with a much higher level of technology than existing human technology in the field of manipulating atoms, eELF can manipulate atoms in human world like human can manipulate pixels in human-made computer environment. But it does not mean human world is not real, it is real and it can be manipulated.  However, the mentioned hypothetical expression will requires a proof of concept in the future. Click on related tags for more information.


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