Value Judgment Under Dark Force (黑暗力量中的價值判斷)

Dark Force In Healthy Issues

This is an essay following an idea from The Source and it is an essay for those enlisted by Program Diana.  There are many forms of dark force, dark messages could reach you through your biological system according to Black eMagic/Hybrid Theory, and that can change your value judgment, because dark force can disable your ability of surviving daily life whenever it wants to acts and whenever it wants to stops.  This makes ones literally impossible to deny the existence of dark force or pretend the dark force isn’t there. Even though you are a world-famous pop star like Avrial Lavigne who had been suffering from some kind of healthy issues recently , I am not saying that I know Avril had been engaging by dark force, it is just an example to help me to present my concepts.  The Source, however, had been paying particular attentions to hundreds of famous targets including Avril, the concept analysis of “re. 300 legion” in A Blog says something.  When you engaged by dark force in a form of healthy issues, the best thing you can do is probably lie about it or find a best lie as a cover, that is sad, but things might get worse if you are trying to tell the truth and convince others what you think you are going through.  Take Avril as an example, she claimed herself suffered by Lyme disease after months nondisclosure, that is probably the best way she can put it, she won’t tell everything that she knows, again, I am not saying I know for sure that is what happen to Avril, it is an example to present my concepts.  I used to described myself a man who spent almost entire life to uphold the truth, how powerful and tricky dark force can be to made me said something I just said?

Value Judgment and Divide of Social Networks

The change of your value judgment will inevitably change your relationship with your social networks, when talking about dark force, it is hard to convince others who does not share your experience, they can not feel what you feel so they can not value the power of dark force like you do.  The divide of value judgment will eventually become a divide between you and your social networks. The mentioned situation is particularly harmful for those targets who are poor of social resources.  I don’t know how the rich targets handle the issues, however, when Avril reached out for supports of her fans around the world, it does say something how rich targets react when they are dealing with “real problems”. It is my understanding that The Source is the cause of the dark force.  I can’t say for sure that I know why or I don’t know why The Source does this.  I know something after conceptual analysis of issues in A Blog, but it does not mean that I must be correct.  I don’t even know if I can or I can not write something for the issues in the coming minute or tomorrow.

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