Tag Systems In Linxu Blog


Following previous post “A Bubble Trip About Tag Management“, this is an instruction for special tag systems in Linxu Blog.  The following instruction will use the tag “Hybrid Theory” as an example.

Basic Tag System

There are links and more information for certain topics after readers click each tag of each blog post.

Special Tag System

Linxu Blog tag system is a customized system by its editor, it is special, because this blog provide blog update to many websites. The special tag system that designed by its editor make that possible, it also provide the convenience for blog editor and its readers to show/see all the posts in one blog.

The Tag With or Without L

Readers may notice there is a tag “Hybrid Theory” and another tag “Hybrid Theory (L)”, when a post was tagged with Hybrid Theory, it is a post meant to provids a blog update to the main page of Hybrid Theory in A Blog, while the post tagged Hybrid Theory (L) will not provide blog update to main page of Hybrid Theory in A Blog.   The information in A Blog is more official while the information not in A Blog is less official, the purpose of this arrangement is to make sure readers who visit the main page in A Blog is properly informed and without confusion.  While at the same time, editor can talk about something casual, personal, even none sense about Hybrid Theory, and only show them in Linxu blog but not in A Blog. But this system will only applied to some major tags, it will create too much works for me if I apply it to every tags.

To be added.



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