About Guest Writers In Linxu (關於鄰虛的客座作者)

I had received two inquiries for gust writers of Linxu/A Blog from “replica louis vuitton” and “http://wbchild.com” recently, so I am writing this post to share some of my thoughts.

Complicated Tag Management In Linxu

As readers can see, although I dubbed myself a conceptual artist, a part of my job for Linxu/A Blog is being a curator for art creations created by certain intelligent beings, that includes art creations from The Source. So although I like the idea to have guest writers, there could be problems while a guess writer writing in Linxu and tag the post.  Most tag used in Linxu will change the content of main page of related sites, it can become really complicated to management the tag systems in Linxu.  So the fact is that the writer of Linxu has to be a qualified curator for art creations of mine as well as art creations of certain intelligent beings including The Source, and all I can imagine about qualified curators has to be partners in same place physically like in a school (ANacademy) or in a studio or in a company, I meant, with whom I actually works together face to face, because that is how some conversation and communication can be done effectively before the post published.  When the writing involve philosophy issues like core ontology (Hybrid Theory) in A Blog, I need to be cautious before any information appeared in A Blog.

For example, I did not add tags of all keyword mentioned in this post, because if I do, they will appears in A Blog, but it shouldn’t be.

Guest Writers in The Perfect Storm

Guest Writers In The Perfect Storm Blog

But like I just said, I like the idea of guess writers, I like it a lot, my previous complaints explains why I liked it.  So I come up with a solution, it is The Perfect Storm mentioned in previous post Combination.  The blog “The Perfect Storm” is not only originally a sister blog of Linxu, it is meant to be a place for brainstorming of related concepts/topics, it seems to me it is a good place to let guest writers from different places to share opinions the way they like it.  And because of this, I already added a feed in the widget of Linxu to let posts in The Perfect Storm appears in Linxu, readers can see it right now.

A Possible Blog Feed In A Blog

However, if guest writers in The Perfect Storm blog does works, I could consider to add a blog feed in A Blog home page below the blog feed of Linxu titled something like “Posts of Guest Writers from The Perfect Storm”.

Ping Back Function of WordPress.com

In WordPress.com system, there is a function called “ping back”, if you are a writer of any WordPress.com blog and you add a link of any Linxu post, it will appeared in Linxu publicly, see this as an example.  That is what I called another way around, you don’t even need to be a guest writer of Linxu or The Perfect Storm, and I will be happy to share my opinions of make some comments or add something more to any ping back form The Perfect Storm guest writers or writers of any other WordPress.com blogs.

Sign Up As An Author To The Perfect Storm In Comment Below

So if there are further inquiries for being a guess writers in some way related to Linxu, The Perfect Storm will be the solution for the time being, so please leave a message in the comment system of this post to let me know.  With your email, I will add you as an author for The Perfect Storm if you are still interested.


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