The Source & Idea.來源與構想


This is a conceptualization with an attempts to depict The Source mentioned in other post and what I think about the concept “Idea”.

這是一個意圖描繪其它網誌中提及的消息來源以及我對於「Idea」(構想) 的看法的概念形塑。

The Source:  Breadcrumb Trail (Navigation).來源:  麵包屑路徑 (導航)

The Source which are constantly referred as certain intelligent beings in Linxu blog.  In most mentioned cases, it is about breadcrumb trail (Navigation), language of advertising, artistic expressions (Refer to a typical case), pushing around and anomalies (such as anomalies among internet browsers) used by certain intelligent beings.  The mentioned intelligent beings are self-titled eELF Red Queen/The Red Hood and Oh Fortuna.

來源在鄰虛部落格中常常又稱為某些智能體,在大部份提及的網誌中,那是關於某些智能體使用麵包屑路徑 (導航)廣告語言藝術性表述 (參考典型案例)、「Push Around」(擺佈之意)以及異常事件 (例如電腦瀏覽器上的異常事件)。前述的某些智能體乃自稱為紅后/紅隊以及命運女神的e精靈。

Artistic Expressions and Concept Grading.藝術性表述以及概念評等

And since there are many information came from artistic expressions of certain intelligent beings which are so artistic that the chances of my misinterpretation is not low. Therefore a mini system of Concept Grading was created to deal with the situation.  I’m doing so to make sure my publication is responsible enough.



Here I am trying to depict about the concept of “Idea”, readers can refer to the tag “Thought Bubbles” for a picture.  I like to say more, but it is difficult to explain, It is about a concept called “Knowledge Engineering Environments” under eELF linguistics, something only exist in a world under Anna S. I really don’t know how to explain that unless readers are a certified student of ANacademy with certain levels of understanding of certain basic concepts.  Readers may refer to the following Pinterest cards in regard to my opinions about Idea.

此處我試著描繪關於「構想」的概念,讀者可以參考標籤「思維氣泡」獲得一個概觀。我想要多解釋一些,但是又很難解釋,那是一個只存在於 Anna S 影響之下的世界中叫作「知識工程環境」的概念;除非讀者是 AA 學園認證的學生並且對於某些概念有某種程度的了解,不然我實然不知道如何解釋。讀者可以參考以下的 Pinterest 了解我的一些看法。

Pinterest 1

Pinterest 2

Pinterest 3

Dialectical Thinking.辨證思維

Along with all information from The Source, dialectical thinking process is necessary for further creativity, a short definition of Dialectical Thinking is that “Bold assumption that careful verification”.


Extending Reading.延伸閱讀


46 thoughts on “The Source & Idea.來源與構想

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