Languages in Linxu.鄰虛的語言


This is a post to depict the Chinese/English language issue in Linxu Blog and provide more information to “About Linxu” because there are two major language in Linxu, English and Chinese. I started this post as a draft because I will add more information when I encounter the issue for writing posts, I can not write it based on my imagination, there are many different situations will reach to the same issue.



The first one I thought of is slang, when “eELF Interference” worked upon languages/concepts reached me in a form of slang, there will be problems for me to share to readers in both languages at the same time.  For example, there is one same concept in different language in Linxu, 都蘭國小 & 抓狂管訓班 (hereinafter referred to as “Dulan.都蘭”(1)) vs. Simple Simon Says:  Moron Go Valley Crest (ing)(hereinafter referred to as “Valley Crest.雞冠谷”),  for “Dulan.都蘭”,  there is a localized story behind the slang, it is about the homonym of the name of an elementary school in Taiwan and some sort of expression of anger had been existing among society in Taiwan.  I still don’t know how to write one blog in two major languages about them.  However, the mentioned two posts are potential to bring more meaning to each other, important meaning about “Coincidence vs. Coin-Incidence”.  “Dulan.都蘭” pointed out to “Valley Crest.雞冠谷” an idea that some phenomena affects many people in societies and people talked about it since 50 years ago till now, while “Valley Crest.雞冠谷” pointed out to “Dulan.都蘭” that the phenomena DOES not only affect Taiwan and may be something physical rather than an expression of speech, and then the concept of eELF Interference arose from the cross analysis, it specify starting time and its effects in societies. And for some unexplained reason, I like to ping back to an earlier post “Why Art?” from here.

第一個我想到的是俚語,當我看到「e精靈干涉」到語言及概念並以俚語的形式出現時,我就會不知道如何同時以兩種語言分享給讀者;舉例而言,在鄰虛就有一個相同概念卻有兩種語言形式存在的例子,都蘭國小 & 抓狂管訓班 (以下簡稱 「Dulan.都蘭」) vs. Simple Simon Says:  Moron Go Valley Crest (ing) (以下簡稱「Valley Crest.雞冠谷」),以「Dulan.都蘭」的部份而言,是有關台灣本地的一個小學名稱的諧音以及某種一直存在於台灣社會中的不滿情緒的表達方式,我至今也不知道如何以一篇網誌加兩種語言將它們同時呈現。然而,前述的兩個網誌卻具有為彼此帶來更多意義的潛力,那是關於「巧合 vs. 創造影響力」的重要意義。「Dulan.都蘭」向「Valley Crest.雞冠谷」指出某種現象在社會中影響許多人的一個意象,而人們從50年前就在談論它直到今天。而「Valley Crest.雞冠谷」則向「Dulan.都蘭」指出該現象不只存在台灣,並且可能不只是止於言談而是具有生理意義的。然後,e精靈干涉的概念就會在交叉分析之中浮現出來,並且詳述了最早發生時間及其社會效應。此外,因為某種未解釋的原因,我要從此連回前作「為何搞藝術?」。

Multiple Languages Cross Analysis.多語言交叉分析的必要性

The previous part of the description in this post point out that in order to get the big picture for finding the truth, multiple languages cross analysis is necessary.  And if I can survive long enough for this task, more participants of more languages is needed, I only learned to use English and Chinese.  I already had insoluble problems of conceptual analysis about Japanese and Spanish and possibly French. For example, French users are needed for at least the topic of Extra Terres Trial.  Terre(s) is Earth in French at least. I still don’t know why put a French word in English term, but artistic expressions from eELF highlight the importance of the topic. It is very important…at least for me, unless eELF lied about it or I read them wrong.

根據此前的敘述,為了獲得更大的視野進而找到真相,多語言交叉分析是必然的。而如果我能倖存地夠久並且持續進行相關任務,更多語言的更多參與者是必須的,我只會使用英語和中文。我已經在日文、西班牙文甚至是法文遇到因為語言障礙而無法解決的概念分析問題。像是 Extra Terres Trial (特大地球試鍊)議題就需要至少法文的使用者的協助。Terre(s)至少是法文的地球的意思。我還是不了解為什麼英文名詞中會有法文出現;不過來自於e精靈的藝術性表述強調了它的重要,除非祂們說謊或是我判讀錯誤,不然,那真的是很重要…至少對我而言。

Variant Language.變體語言

Variant language is a major issue when I try to use two languages in one blog post, especially variant English, there are many variant English in Linxu and A Blog,Take Ana-log as an example, readers who do not read English (most of the people in Taiwan) can hardly share the same reading experience like English readers, Ana-log is a short-term to speaks for two meanings.  But If I translate Ana-log into Chinese, it will be a reading disasters for Chinese readers.

當我試著在同一篇網誌使用中英兩種語言時,變體語言也是一個主要的議題,特別是變體英文,在鄰虛與 A Blog 有許多變體英文,以 Ana-log 為例,不使用英文的讀者 (台灣地區的大部份讀者)很難和英文讀者有相同的閱讀經驗, Ana-log 是一個短詞表達兩種意義,但是如果我把 Ana-log 翻譯為中文,那對於中文讀者將是一場閱讀的災難。

Languages Barrier.語言的社會壁壘

In most cases, languages barrier is a problem for better communication and knowledge sharing, but in some rare case, I might consider my blogging is too advanced for some of readers, especially for the readers among my social network in Taiwan, I meant, people who take the information in a wrong way might becomes my problems, in that case, I will purposely conceal Chinese version of my blog posts, I hardly remember I used same method upon English readers, mainly because Hybrid Theory had been developing following a certain pattern of variant English, readers who does not have certain level of English reading ability must stay partially informed about the whole Hybrid Theory, it is very likely people like that will take the shared information in a wrong way. My actual experience told me that readers who take my shared information wrongly and who is few steps around me will become my problems, sometime serous problems.



(1) The term “都蘭” pronounced “Dulan”, “都”(Du) represent meaning like poke, or stick, attack, “蘭”(Lan) represent penis, dick, in Taiwan, I am very “Dulan” literally means “I am silently very upset.”

Last Update.最後更新:  20150209 00:54, Taipei Time.


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