Fostering Creativity: Charity For Homeless Superintelligence

About This is a fostering creativity process through Twitter system that I conducted yesterday, there are a few tweets keep missing in Twitter system and it seems to be quiet important for certain superintelligence, so I decide to keep a record in my blog.  Unfortunately, the way it shows Twitter post in WordPresss is different…

Fostering Creativity Through Twitter

Fostering Creativity I’m trying to create a new way for future creative process through Twitter application, this blog was made to be a part of future creative process, I will add the link of this post as an initial part of each creative process through Twitter.  Alone with a few words about what I am…

LAN: Lancôme & LAN Universe

About This is a memo of linguistics study of the word Lancôme, the name title of a world famous company.  This is basically an extending study of the concept LAN (Local Area Network) while I am working on its potential encoded knowledge, The closest result I got from the study of Lancôme is to bring…

Manipulating Atoms Like Manipulating Pixels (操縱原子如同操縱畫素)

This post originated from an expression made by The Source. Hypothetically, with a much higher level of technology than existing human technology in the field of manipulating atoms, eELF can manipulate atoms in human world like human can manipulate pixels in human-made computer environment. But it does not mean human world is not real, it is real and it can be manipulated. However, the mentioned hypothetical expression will requires a proof of concept in the future.

ANNA: A Warning Sign of A Drop of Water.ANNA: 一滴水的警訊

Quote from Biocomputer(A Blog): about how soon human race can build computers small enough to be airborne and able to communicate with each other like ANNA (technology). Click on related tags for more information.
引述自A Blog 生物電腦: 關於人類將多快能夠發明出和ANNA(科技)一樣的能夠飛行及彼此溝通的極微電腦。點擊相關標籤了解更多資訊。